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Designing Poppers, Sliders & Divers

Designing Poppers, Sliders and Divers is the most comprehensive book ever written for the top water lure maker. Three-hundred pages are full of methods, procedures and examples richly illustrated with 800 detailed full color photographs. Over 50 Tips & How-To’s and DIY Projects are also included.

Inside the book:

  • Covers the tools and materials required to make top water lures
  • Covers the 12 most common design elements to consider when making your own
  • Step-by-step instructions and photos for the world’s 17 most effective top water patterns

With this book, the tyer is completely equipped with today’s most innovative and creative techniques to make highly effective top water lures for fly fishing in freshwater or salt.

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Shipping – Flat Rate $4.95in Continental USA for any size order.

View a sampling of the book right here!

160 of the 300 pages are included for viewing here. Many of the advanced techniques and most of the patterns included in the book are not available for online viewing.

International orders – ask your local bookseller or fishing shop to obtain the book for you from US-based distributors Anglers Book Supply or Raymond Rumpf.